InProcessing Information

InProcessing immediately proceeds Basic Cadet Training.  The entire incoming class processes through Doolittle Hall where paperwork is turned in, credentials received, documents signed, and squadrons are appointed.  The actual process changes from year to year. Always check the official USAFA website for the latest information.

Many parents ask if they should attend InProcessing with their Cadet.  There is no single right answer.

  • Some Cadets prefer to have their goodbyes at home and travel alone.  For these Cadets, USAFA has programs in place to make sure they get to Inprocessing on time.
  • Cadets sometimes choose to arrive in Colorado Springs early to acclimate their bodies to thin air, or to sight see with family and friends before entering the Academy.  Many enjoy this experience.  Some reflect that they would have preferred the additional time at home.
  • Many families travel with their Cadet and go through the experience together.  For these families, once your Cadet walks up the stairs in Doolittle Hall, your time together is over.  But there are many things to do afterward.

Bottom line — talk to your Cadet and find out what they prefer.  Ask other families at the Appointee Brunch.  You will find that every family has a different experience.  If you need to choose between InProcessing and Parents Weekend, then hands down attend Parents Weekend.

Here are a few suggestions and thoughts regarding InProcessing:

  • Make absolutely sure to arrive on time (so get there early — not late!)
  • Relax and enjoy the time with your Cadet.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.
  • Cadets should dress very comfortably.  They will be standing and walking a lot that day.  Wear sunscreen.  Your choice if you want to dress to stand out.  You will be noticed!
  • Parents can watch the new Cadets marching and drilling on the Terrazzo from the Chapel Wall.  Bring binoculars.
  • The Colorado Parents Club has a free barbecue after InProcessing.  Go there.  Talk to other parents.  Meet parents in your Cadets squad.  There will be cards there that you can write your Cadets their first letter.
  • If you can stay until the following morning, attend the Swearing In Ceremony.  Get there early and determine where to stand based on what Squadron your Cadet is in.  Bring Binoculars, camera, video camera and water.  There are bathrooms in the Chapel.